San Diego’s natural beauty goes perfectly with a little cannabis. Here, you can enjoy views of the forest, ocean and valleys. If you want to enjoy some Mary Jane on a hike, we’ve got you covered. These hikes offer plenty of scenery and aren’t super strenuous. So, pop an edible or fire up your vape pen, and discover everything you ever wanted to know about hiking San Diego’s chillest trails.

Is Hiking in San Diego With Cannabis Safe?

Yes. As with all cannabis-related activities, just enjoy responsibly. You don’t want to get dehydrated (or even lost) out in the wilderness. An ounce of prevention (and an ounce of cannabis) is worth a pound of fun on your hike.

Preparing for Hiking With Cannabis

If you’ve ever been on a hike (any hike at all), you know that you’ll need to prepare a little. The hikes on this list are super chill (no steep inclines or long distances). Still, you’ll want to bring a few more provisions on a cannabis-sponsored hike than you would a regular one.

water while hiking

Pack Plenty of Water

Pack more water than you would on a regular hike. You’ll definitely feel a little more parched after indulging in cannabis.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Yes, you’ll still get the munchies in the woods.

Bring a Buddy

If you’ve ever gotten lost in a public park after partaking in too much cannabis, you know how beneficial the buddy system truly is. Also, don’t forget a cellphone. You’re more likely to trip and fall if you’re hiking under the influence than if you were hiking sober. You might want to ask your designated driver to chaperone your hike — just in case you get a gut-busting case of the giggles.

How to Hike With Cannabis and Still Be Cool

Follow these “rules” of the wilderness to ensure you have a great time on your cannabis hike.

Follow the Rules of Hiking

Just because you’re having an extra-good time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the rules of the trail. The five most important rules are:

  • Allow hikers traveling uphill the right of way
  • Don’t destroy the nature (or the cairns)
  • Leave No Trace
  • Be social with others
  • Keep your tech in your pocket

Don’t Light Up in the Great Outdoors

There are a few reasons why lighting up in the wild isn’t a great idea.

For one, not everyone likes the smell of cannabis. They might even go far as to say they don’t want all that free secondhand smoke you’re crop dusting them with. To each his (or her) own. Just be cool and try not to penetrate the spaces of others with your kush.

Secondly, it’s totally illegal to partake in cannabis in a public place. This goes double if you’re in a federal park. Enjoy it at home and get a designated driver to take you to the trailhead. You could even enjoy a few edibles before heading out. By the time you get to the trail, you’ll probably just start to feel a buzz.

6 San Diego Hikes to Enjoy With Cannabis

These 6 San Diego hikes are the perfect way to enjoy a little cannabis. They’re both relatively level and short. You’ll even spy some pretty amazing scenery along the way.

Dust Devil Trail

This 1.3-mile San Diego hike is relatively flat and offers plenty of beautiful nature views. The trail itself is firm, so you don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding in sand, silt or mud. You’ll pass by a few ponds and enjoy the sight of wildflowers along the path. This trail is dog-friendly, so you might even make a furry friend along the way.

dust devil trail map

Source: SD Reader

Fry Creek Trail

If you’re looking for a loop that’s a little longer than Dust Devil provides, consider heading out to the Fry Creek Trail. This 1.5-mile trail is also great for nature and bird lovers. If you loved the idea of Dust Devil but weren’t sure about the idea of meeting so many dogs on your cannabis-induced hike, Fry Creek is for you; no dogs are allowed on this trail. Most hikers only spend about an hour on this scenic loop.

fry creek trail map

Source: SD Reader

Harper Creek Pools

If you want to get a little further off the beaten path, you might want to skip the first two trails and head right to Harper Creek Pools. This 1.5-mile easy San Diego hike takes you mostly downhill. Depending on the time of year, you’ll enjoy some beautiful water views (including a river and the pools themselves). You also might spy some wild rabbits along the way. If you want to hike the entire loop, you’ll only need to walk about 3 miles total.

harper creek pools trail map

Source: SD Reader

Penasquitos Canyon

Penasquitos Canyon is sort of the ‘choose your own adventure’ of hiking. You can hike as little or as much of the 6.8-mile trail as you want. If you’re in it to win it, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded. The trail offers plenty of beautiful scenery — including a waterfall. It’s important to note that thanks to this trail’s flat pathways, it’s pretty popular. You’re going to run into plenty other hikers, bikers, joggers and dogs here. If you’re the type of cannabis hiker who hates social interaction, this trail is definitely not for you.

Penasquitos canyon trail map

Source: SD Reader

Stonewall Peak

If the other hikes on this list seemed a bit to easy for you (even after a few hits on the bong), you might want to head to Stonewall Peak. You’ll have a little more variety in terms of terrain here. This 3.4-mile hike sees plenty of other hikers, so you won’t feel isolated should you need any assistance. If you can make it up the steeper sections, you’ll get plenty of beautiful views of the Laguna Mountains and the Salton Sea.

Stonewall Peak trail map

Source: SD Reader

The Way Up Trail

This 2-mile San Diego hike is popular with hikers of all levels — even though it’s super easy. You’ll pass by several natural features, including a stream and plenty of wildlife. Head here if the sky is a little overcast, as the sun can beat down on you otherwise. Or, start your hike in the early morning to beat the heat.

While these San Diego hikes are great for enhancing your cannabis experience, it’s important to remember to stay safe before, during and after your hike. If you feel out of breath, it’s OK (and recommended!) to sit down for a few minutes. Just remember to keep taking it easy and taking it all in.

way up trail map

Source: SD Reader

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