The munchies. It’s one of the best parts of enjoying cannabis. That little boost in appetite that makes chips taste crunchier, ice cream creamier and doughnuts – well, doughier.

The munchies can feel so powerful, even scientists are curious about the reason behind the spike in appetite that arrives shortly after we enjoy a little cannabis. According to the Smithsonian magazine, “one of the ways that THC increases appetite is by making us more sensitive to the smells of food.”

Everyone seems to have different cravings when smoking marijuana (and some are even stranger than some pregnant women’s). Luckily, there’s so much good food in San Diego that you don’t need to Uber over to Sonic to cure your post-cannabis munchies. Check out some of our favorite foods to pair with cannabis — and where to find them.

Best Retro Foods

Nachos, bagel bites and Hot Pockets: some foods seem like they were made to pair with a little cannabis. These retro foods will transport you right back to college.

Empanada Kitchen


OK, so they might not be Hot Pockets, but empanadas are kind of the better, upgraded version of your favorite late-night, Jim Gaffigan-loving college snack. These empanadas are baked (not baked, Dude — baked), so they’re a little crunchier and healthier for you than the fried ones.

Baja Betty’s


When it comes to cannabis, nachos reign supreme for curing the munchies. They seemingly never end, they’re loaded with all your favorite toppings and they are so. darn. crunchy.

The nachos at Baja Betty’s are sort of legendary. The colorful dining room is warm and inviting and will force any paranoia straight into submission.

Santouka Ramen


Oh ramen, how you have changed since the days you cost $0.30 a packet in college. We are no longer required to shake that little packet of seasoning over you, and we can even leave our homes to enjoy you out in public.

You’re going to pay more than $1 for this ramen, but it’ll be worth it. Slurping up salty broth and noodles is the perfect way to banish your post-cannabis hunger.

Best Foods to Support Your High

Did you know that some foods can actually support your high and make it even better? These three foods will actually help the cannabis find your centers of bliss.

The Mission


According to the Elite Daily, thanks to broccoli’s, “high levels of terpene, it binds together with cannabinoids in marijuana to also fight depression.”

If this isn’t reason enough to order up a plate of The Mission’s ginger sesame tofu with brown rice and broccoli, we don’t know what is.

Wood Ranch

Sweet Potato Fries

The vitamin A and D in sweet potatoes evidently does wonders for your serotonin and helps enhance your mood. Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill is known for its loaded sweet potato fries, so load up on those feel-good natural chemicals to help enhance the herbal ones.

Shakespeare Corner Shoppe


Another food that can enhance your cannabis journey is tea. It’s loaded with antioxidants that can bind to the cannabis in your system and make you feel even groovier. Head to Shakespeare Corner Shoppe for a pot of tea and some scones to keep you mellow.

Crunchiest Foods

Why do crunchy foods just taste so good after smoking? There’s no science to back this one up, but we kind of don’t care. We’ll partake in crunchy foods anyway.

Café 21

Potato Chips

Yes, we are sending you to a restaurant for potato chips. But the chips at Café 21 are no ordinary potato chips. They are housemade and come served with dishes like the sourdough flatbread and four cheese fondue.

California Tap Room


OK, yes — you’re not really that buzzed. The pretzels at the California Tap Room are soft, not hard. Yet they are so chewy and delicious that you won’t even care if they don’t give you that crunchy craving you “think” you desire. Plus, there’s also cheese sauce for dipping. And everything tastes better dipped in liquid cheese.

The Milk Bar


Cereal is possibly one of the most nostalgic foods to eat on cannabis. There’s just something special about combining childhood and adult activities that feels so wrong — and so right.

The cereal soft serve at Milk Bar is the perfect snack to cure the munchies. The ice cream itself is smooth, sweet and tastes faintly of cereal milk. It’s also topped with some of your favorite sugary cereals from your childhood — giving you that satisfying crunch.

You don’t need to eat only unhealthy food after taking cannabis either. Some of the best foods to eat while buzzed can also be healthy. While you might instinctively head for salty, fatty, sugary foods, we love heading to healthy eateries like True Food Kitchen for healthy comfort food or Ranchos Cochina for vegan and vegetarian eats.

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