Cannabis Dictionary: The Whole Jargon

Cannabis Dictionary: The Whole Jargon The cannabis dictionary contains thousands of words and phrases. You’ll find over 1,200 alternate words for cannabis alone, ranging from pot, marijuana and green goddess. The cannabis industry has coined words that relate to its...

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West Coast Cannabis tours is a fully licensed and legal cannabis focused tour company dedicated to delivering first-class customer service. Our mission is to promote the responsible use of cannabis through canna curated experiences and higher education. We hope to play a role in breaking stereotypes by sparking a sophisticated dialogue regarding marijuana and fostering change in society. As good stewards of the industry, our aim is to advance cannabis acceptance ONE TOUR at a time.

Curious about Cannabis?

Click on Tours or Activities below and see what all the hype is about.


Cannabis Holiday Dinner Ideas

The holidays are a magical time. Or at least they can be by incorporating some of these cannabis holiday dinner recipes into your spread. Just remember: when it comes to cannabis in your food, less is sometimes more. While you might feel tempted to...

Cannabis Accessories: Everything Explained

The cannabis accessories market has exploded over the past few years. What was once illegal to sell (for cannabis anyway) is now a lucrative business. You can buy accessories for your cannabis. Basically, if you want it, they can make it. The...

Cannabis Addiction: All You Need to Know

As of November 2018, cannabis has been legalized in 10 U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.). It’s been cleared for medical use in 36 states. Canada even legalized it on a federal level in 2018. How does a drug that is...


San Diego Bachelor Party Ideas

If you are getting married and looking for an exciting way to spend your last days of freedom, you might be wondering how to host your bachelor party in San Diego. Those “boys” nights out may be fewer and farther between, so you probably want to...


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Cannabis Oil: The Ultimate Guide

Cannabis oil has been around for thousands of years. Along with hemp, it has been used by different cultures while both lauded and stigmatized by society. Doctors used cannabis oil throughout the 19th century for ailments…

5 Can’t-Miss Tours for Adults in San Diego

San Diego is the perfect place for a girl’s weekend, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just to catch up with your best friends after too much time apart. If you and the crew are getting back together again, chances are you’re looking for tours...

What is THC and CBD?

THC and CBD, What’s the Difference? As the stigma associated with cannabis slowly fades away, many consumers are showing an interest in learning more about the herb and its effects. Cannabis plants produce special chemicals known as cannabinoids. To...

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san diego bachelor party ideas

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