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Back in September, Elon Musk did what Elon Musk does best online: create a commotion with his stock.

Yet this time he didn’t reduce the price of it to a seemingly “arbitrary” $420 (he later commented that the price of $420 had nothing to do with 4:20). Instead this time, all he needed to do to erupt total insanity was take a hit of marijuana on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast.

The internet did what the internet does: it went crazy. Or rather NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and several national news outlets, including CNN went bonkers about it. Tesla stock dropped 5 percent.

Heck, we’re even posting an article about it.

Several months later, we can’t help but wonder: does Elon Musk actually smoke cannabis? He took a pretty major hit from the media (and from NASA) by taking that hit. Was he trying to tell us something? Or was he just proving to us how the marijuana debate is ultimately insignificant (especially in his crazy world of aerospace and self-driving cars), a waste of time and we should just legalize it already and go about our day.

For the love of CBD, why are we still talking about it??

Even Richard Branson, who’s planning on sending the world’s elite to space, admits he smokes marijuana with his son — and learned to roll a joint from none other than Keith Richards. In fact, CEOs from Oprah to Mark Zimmer have admitted to indulging in a little cannabis from time to time (though the last time Oprah did it was 30 years ago).

Both NBC and Forbes columnists took issue with other major news outlets’ criticism of Musk, citing that both Rogan and Musk spent a good portion of the podcast drinking whiskey, whereas the joint in question only made a brief, few-second appearance. Is NASA aware of the effect alcohol has on the brain?

NBC and Forbes also noted that what Musk did wasn’t actually illegal. Nor did he smoke the joint while working on official NASA business.

But does Elon Musk smoke marijuana or not?!

OK, we’re getting there…

Before we do, can we just hang back a moment and appreciate how far we’ve come? Do you guys remember when President Clinton admitted to smoking — but not inhaling? That was over 25 years ago. President Obama admitted to smoking — but proudly stated that he did inhale (because that was the point of smoking). President Trump claims he’s never partaken. But Woody Harrelson also claims that he needed to smoke a little cannabis just to get through an agonizing dinner with the president.

Did you ever think back in those Clinton days that famous CEOs would be able to not only admit to smoking — but also do it live on a podcast?

Unfortunately for Musk, his board has been concerned about his prescription drug use in the past — specifically Ambien.

In August 2018, NBC reported on an interview Musk did for the New York Times. “Musk said in the interview he now needs Ambien to sleep, but board members are concerned that the drug isn’t having the intended effect for Musk. Instead they fear it’s fueling his controversial public statements. The report also says board members are aware that Musk has used unspecified ‘recreational drugs.’”

What these drugs are still remains a mystery because, in the same article, Musk stated that he simply does not smoke marijuana recreationally. While it’s obvious that Musk has no problems with a little marijuana, it turns out: he doesn’t smoke it.

In fact, he’s gone on record in an interview with the New York Times, saying, “I was not on weed, to be clear. Weed is not helpful for productivity. There’s a reason for the word ‘stoned.’ You just sit there like a stone on weed.”

Well, you heard it here. Not first, but we made our way to the point eventually (hey, we’re a cannabis tour company, OK? Just be happy we got there at all).

Elon Musk doesn’t have a problem with others smoking marijuana (or taking a hit here and there) “per se,” but he doesn’t smoke it himself. Because the world needs him productive and alert. And building self-driving cars. And space shuttles. Oh, don’t forget the Hyperloop.

Yep, Elon Musk should probably stay sober — and leave the cannabis to us.

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