Weed Friendly Gifts your Mom will Love

Isn’t it funny how the woman you might have once hidden your weed stash from, might have possibly been hiding it from you all along as well?

Once upon a time you may have reached for flowers, chocolates, or sentimental cards to give to your mother on Mother’s Day. However, the legalization of cannabis has opened a whole new door to meaningful gifts we can give to our mothers, that support their very own love for cannabis.  In fact, multiple sources have claimed that Mother’s Day is actually a much more successful holiday for the cannabis industry than one might originally think. If you’re feeling unsure of what to get your mom, don’t worry! We’ve come up with a list of cannabis gifts your mother will love. From wine, to vapes, to cookbooks – we’ve covered it all. Here’s our top ten picks below.

cannabis cherry trufflesCherry Truffles by Calivolve Chocolates

Keep it classic, and gift a box of chocolate that has a special twist. These dark chocolate CBD truffles by Calivolve are filled with cherries that are hand selected from local California farmers’ markets. Hand crafted with ashwagandha, maca, and pure-American help make it the perfect mix to relax and feel rejuvenated. They’re healthy, delicious, and cleverly packed in a child resistant box.

luxebody oilLuxe Body Oil by Native Atlas

This luxurious body oil by Native Atlas will give your mother a hit of relaxation. Its secret elixir includes Hemp Seed Oil, as well as other essential fatty acids that are nourishing to the skin. It’s also safe for all skin types, and will make a great edition to your mother’s nightly routine. Hemp Seed oil is proven to benefit skin in a multitude of ways, provide as a great moisturizer, and works well as a powerful cleanser.

bloom farms highlighter penHighlighter Pen by Bloom Farms

Bloom Farm’s really outdid themselves with their beautifully crafted vaporizer. It’s rose gold finish and updated stylus make it aesthetically pleasing, while its simplicity makes it easy to use. Not only is it visually stimulating, it’s filled with 500 mg of pure CO2-extracted cannabis oil. This truly is a one-of-a-kind gift, and will look equally as stunning in your mother’s purse or resting on her night stand.

rebel coast wine

Cannabis Infused Wine by Rebel Coast Winery

For the mother who prefers cannabis over wine, this is her perfect beverage. These local wines are made in Sonoma, and contain THC instead of alcohol. This means only 35-50 calories and no awful hangover the next morning. Yes please! Their California Blanc is filled with surprising character, and holds bright citrus notes and a crisp finish. 20mg of THC graces every bottle, which estimates to 5mg in THC in each glass. It’s skillfully light, and a couple glasses will have your mother feeling relaxed and happy. If you live in California, they’ll even deliver right to your door. Could it be any easier than this?

mothers day gift flowers on flowersCannabis Flowers by Flowers on Flowers

Not all old Mother’s Day traditions have to be left behind. If you’re used to presenting a gorgeous arrangement of flowers to your mother on her special day, mix it up and have a Cannabis bouquet costume made instead. Flowers on Flowers is the first team of medical cannabis florists, and are based in San Diego. Their mission is to create a different kind of gift giving experience, and they use locally sourced flowers from growers in California to make that happen. You not only have the creative freedom to choose from a variety of different styles and floral designs, but you also get to pick from a handful of Medical Marijuana strains as well.

Rolling Board by RollaBoardrollaboard rolling board mothers day gift

For the mother who enjoys smoking cannabis from a joint, surprise her with a rolling board. Rolla Board came up with this original design in San Francisco, and takes pride in their high-quality craftsmanship. Not only is this board functional and easy to use, it’s also artfully made with 100% bamboo. This is a gorgeous gift with a handmade feel that your mother will be sure to use for years to come.

mothers day gift book herb

Herb by Laurie Wolf and Melissa Parks

If your mother enjoys being in the kitchen, give her the gift of learning how to make her very own cannabis infused dishes. Cooking with cannabis may seem daunting at first, but this cookbook makes it easy to explore and learn. “Herb” by chefs Laurie Wolf and Melissa Parks is a gourmet cookbook that is friendly for all skill levels. Not only does it have hundreds of recipes from everything to appetizers to drinks, entrees, and desserts it also has beautiful images. It’s conveniently practical, and will teach your mother about understanding and using dosage in the kitchen as well.

Citrus Petals Candle by Urban Re-Leafmothers day gift citrus petal candle

This bright citrus candle will make your mother feel like she’s having a picnic in the orange groves. With complimenting notes such as gardenia, mango blossom, and spicy cardamom, it’s impossible to go wrong with this scent. The Cannabis Essential Oil that accompanies it produces a soothing blend for muscles and the skin. This is the perfect gift to create a serene and wonderfully smelling space.

mothers day gift bedtime tea by lagom teasBed Time Tea by Lagom Teas

If there’s one person who doesn’t get enough rest, it’s mothers. Luckily this bedtime tea by Lagom Teas is a peaceful blend of chamomile and lavender, which both act as natural sedatives. Lavender is proven to help headaches, nerve stimulation, and digestion while chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory. It’s 15 mg of CBD per teabag is the cherry on top, and aids in relaxation so your mom can wind down after a long day.

Hemp + French Clay Mask by Lodenhemp and french clay mask mothers day gift

Treat your mom to some self-love, by gifting her this Hemp & French clay mask by Loden. This particular blend combines French clay, botanical powders, and essential oils to create a one of a kind cleansing mask.  It will leave your mother’s skin feeling smooth, radiant, and fresh after drawing out any impurities in the skin. This regime will also improve pores and skin tone.

cbd mobile massage mothers day giftCannabis Infused Massage by West Coast Cannabis Tours

We bet your mother hasn’t ever had a massage like this before. CBD massages have numerous benefits including relief for muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness while providing sensory stimulation to improve your mom’s mood and encourage relaxation. West Coast Cannabis Tours provide top quality CBD infused oils for this truly serene experience. They even guarantee she won’t be disappointed.

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