``We will give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of legal cannabis through fun, hands-on activities and unique tour experiences.’’

Founder, Todd

Enjoy cannabis during visual tours and hands on activities with West Coast Cannabis Tours!

What Others Have to Say

Adam G.

BEST TIME EVER! This was my first time on a marijuana tour California, so I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was a bit nervous. That changed within minutes of stepping onto the tour bus (actually a super cool party bus). The music was already playing when my girlfriend and I got on and let me tell you, it was bumping! We were then told that we could sit anywhere, which was pretty nice because we are kind of the shy and quiet type so we went to the back. Once everybody was seated, one of the guides introduced himself to the group and things got started. He was super knowledgeable and entertaining while he went through some history of marijuana and he also explained different more modern ways to use it, like concentrates. It was pretty interesting. We went to a dispensary which was really clean and not like any others I’ve been to. Then we went to a glass blower warehouse and was able to smoke inside while watching him make a bong. Probably the best part of the trip for me. After that we went next door to an edibles presentation where we got a little freebie and a behind the scenes look at how they make the edibles. The chef was super charismatic and entertaining. I feel like I know marijuana pretty well but I definitely learned a few things on this tour and it was so much fun! The group setting in the bus ended up being really cool and we even made a couple new friends. I recommend WCCT to seasoned users and also to anybody just curious about marijuana. Totally worth it!

Lindsey C.

I’m not a big cannabis user but I got talked into going on this with a friend. I have to say, I am glad we went. The employees are so friendly and make you feel comfortable right from the start. They even had games to play at their check in area. Once I got onto the bus everyone was laughing and joking around. GREAT VIBES FROM THE START! All the places we stopped at were awesome I can’t even pick a favorite one. I personally didn’t smoke on the tour but my friend did she said that made it even more fun for her. We played games on the way back and I won a pretty pink vape pen. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I can.