Intro to Cannabis:
Bus Tour
(3 venues included)

Dispensary & Breweries

Intro to Cannabis: <br>Bus Tour <br><i>(3 venues included)</i>

Dispensary, Live Glass Blowing & Edibles Demo
$129 $99 per person

Heard the terms THC, concentrates, wax, dabbing, CBD, CBN, terpenes, isolates, oils, or decarboxylation?

Or wonder what the difference between hemp and cannabis is?

Well look no further!  During this tour we will show everything you need to know to navigate the wonderful world of cannabis.

This three-venue tour will provide the latest on everything cannabis while allowing you to sample and purchase products. This event is both fun and educational, a stellar event for seasoned and new cannabis consumers alike.


*We are the only licensed/insured cannabis tour company in San Diego.  We only partner with licensed companies.

Dispensary Tour

To start the tour you will head to one of San Diego’s friendliest and best dispensaries. There you will learn about everything from marijuana to a multitude of cannabis containing products. You can go wild exploring all that the dispensary has to offer.

Live Glass Blowing

Next, you will get to experience the artful skill of handmade glass blowing and see a live demonstration of professionals creating cannabis water pipes. Afterwards you can explore the shop or enjoy a smoke session to take a break, meet, and mingle.

Edibles Demo

For the last leg of the tour, join our edible expert Josh as he explains the scientific components of creating cannabis edibles. We will show you exactly how to convert cannabis, with a live demonstration as he makes an edible treat right before your eyes. Also be sure to pick up a free recipe before you leave! This way when you go home you have something to look back to if you need help.


Lastly, we’ll head back as you ask us as many questions as you can and you’ll enjoy some trivia and other games with a chance to WIN PRIZES as we wrap up the Intro to Cannabis: Bus Tour.

*EXACT DESTINATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO ADVANCEMENTS IN REGULATIONS AND LICENSING.  WE WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE WE TAKE YOU TO THE BEST LOCATIONS. WE WILL UPDATE THE WEBSITE AND NOTIFY ALL GUESTS VIA EMAIL WHEN THINGS ARE UPDATED, OR ARE GOING TO BE UPDATED. (in most cases this will just be a switch in venue but the same activity. For example, we go from one edibles chef, to another. However, your experience will remain the same or better!)

For guest discretion, the pickup locations for our events will be emailed after booking. Let us know if you have a general inquiry about any of our cannabis tours or questions about pickup locations. 92121 is the current pickup zipcode

Questions? Call 1-800-295-9228

WE RECOMMEND TAKING A TAXI OR UBER® TO AND FROM YOUR TOUR. If you are a first time Uber® user, download the Uber® app. During signup if you use “ghhe2” as your Promo Code, you will receive for $5 off your first two rides.

*Full Cancellation and Refund available up to 10 days prior to scheduled tour or event.* ( Visit link for full refund policy.

  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    11:30 AM
  • Return Time
    4:20 PM
  • Included
    Intro to Cannabis: <br>Bus Tour <br><i>(3 venues included)</i>

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