Well if you’re coming from Los Angeles, you can now! Bringing your weed on an airplane, or to the airport is not as taboo anymore as it was in the past. If you are traveling through California’s Los Angeles airport LAX, they are now allowing marijuana in carry-on luggage. As of January 1st, California passed a law allowing individuals 21 years or older to possess 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for consumption. In this article, we will give you tips and facts on traveling to and from California with marijuana. We will also focus on one airport in particular, the globally well-known LAX (Los Angeles Airport).

California law on cannabis at the airport

California is known for its early transition to being a recreational marijuana state, but the sunshine state is now breaking new barriers. Possession of marijuana in California airports, was previously illegal.  But on January 1st, the state changed its laws and airport policies on how they are going to regulate the possession of cannabis on an airplane and in their airports. Los Angeles Airport Police Division also known as the APD have now updated their policy and procedures to fit the new regulations that were passed. What does this mean?  Los Angeles Airport Police Division no longer has the jurisdiction to arrest you if you comply with the law. The law is that anyone of age 21 or older may possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

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California history with cannabis

California has been known for their early acceptance of recreational smoking and distribution of marijuana, creating a new business market that is now over a billion-dollar industry and has also created a foundation for cannabis business models. The innovative cannabis market in California has created new opportunities and an everlasting growing cannabis ecosystem. Offering unique experiences such as cannabis festivals, cannabis tours, cannabis dispensaries, and clubs are just few cannabis experiences California has offer. California is also known for their cannabis farms and extensive research and development on new cannabis strains.



Other states that allow cannabis during airport travel

California’s east coast counterpart Massachusetts passed a law allowing transport, possession, purchase, and cultivation of cannabis. This is allowing passengers to fly to other states that allow marijuana possession. Logan International authorities are relaxed on their policy regarding weed on an airplane in passenger carry-ons, which was against the law in the past. As long as you’re 21 with less than an ounce of marijuana which is 28 grams of weed, you’re not breaking any rules. Logan International is one of the largest airports besides LAX that have changed their policy to allow passengers to travel with cannabis, if you are going to a legalized state. You may also travel to non-legalized states but if caught in a non-legalized state you may be prosecuted.

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Dealing with TSA

The Transport Security Administration is a federal agency of the United States Homeland Security. Having authority over the security of travel in the United States which includes airports, you may have dealt with them while boarding your flight going through the TSA check line. The TSA operates under the federal law which is different from state laws. Will this be a problem for you in California, especially at LAX? TSA may report you to the local police authorities, but after checking your age and cannabis amount the authorities will let you go. Lori Danker, spokeswoman of the TSA reportedly told the ABC 13 “TSA’s focus is on terrorism security threats to the aircraft and its passengers”.  She was also quoted saying “Whether or not the passenger is allowed to travel marijuana is up to law enforcement law”.

Here are the facts :

  • Have to be 21 years of age
  • Legally accepted by local authorities (Legal possession state)
  • 28 grams or less (1 ounce)
  • 8 grams or less of concentrated cannabis (California)
  • TSA can only report you to authorities but can’t make any arrest
  • Authorities will let you go once verification is proven

Here’s what not to do :

As mentioned before LAX allows you to take weed on an airplane in carry-ons to and from legalized states, but they also do allow you to take it with you to non-legalized states as well. Be aware LAX will allow weed on any flight but you could be prosecuted in the state you land in if cannabis is found by authorities.  Make sure you check the local airport policy of that legalized state as well because some legal states may still not allow cannabis in carry-ons. Denver, Colorado a well-known legalized state does not allow marijuana on flights. Other states like Massachusetts does allow marijuana on flights if meets the legal limits of the state law.

Bringing Weed on an Airplane “Other Tips”:

  • Make sure your cannabis is properly weighed before packing
  • Keep concentrated cannabis labels with weight when purchasing
  • Bring your marijuana card if able
  • If traveling from or to a non-legalized state try to book a layover or connecting flight in a legalized state, that way you can either purchase or smoke your cannabis before boarding your next flight.

guy bringing weed on an airplane

Traveling to and from LAX has become more beneficial for cannabis smokers. Making the recreational weed experience of California more memorable and innovating. Weed smokers can now bring their counterpart Mary Jane with them. Just 2 important rules: watch where you are going, and make sure you watch how much of your little sticky friend you’re bringing. Enjoy your flight!

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